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WTC Noida Greater was extremely Responsive, Professionalism, expertise and excellent interpersonal skills work synergistically to make a wonderful representative for anyone willing to purchase or sell a home or lease a commercial space for office, co-working space, shops, food court. It is not surprising for us we have been voted Best Realtor in the industry for the past five years. WTC Noida Greater is a unique position to facilitate such link-ups that result in mutual growth for its clients.


Large multipurpose spaces are accessible in WTC Noida. Such store facilities are flexible, so can be extended in various configurations.

Shops: Stores The WTC Noida complex offers a number of new shopping spaces for showrooms, businesses, and stores. For F&B operations select shops will be enabled*.

Food court: WTC Noida complex provides broad food courts with optimum connectivity and visibility, built and prepared for. The facilities are designed to accommodate a broad variety of F&B choices and provide ample seating areas to serve the needs of on-site office-goers, tenants, and guests as well as the surrounding community. WTC Noida with varying mixed office customer base, retail visitors, residential dwellers etc..will enhance the footfall for food court round the clock*



Recreational space In keeping with the spirit of providing a work-life balance, the new integrated WTC Noida complex provides a variety of multi-use leisure and entertainment spaces with industrial and retail uses that can be customized to suit the users ‘ unique design needs. The building offers rooms for Multiplexes, Anchor shops, and Play area

Twenty state-of – the-art WTC buildings situated in the heart of Noida give nearly 3 million sq. ft. of well-appointed office spaces. Stand out with WTC address and grow your trade

Leasing offices: In the WTC Noida complex various types of office and institutional spaces are under construction and provide a variety of modern workspaces.

Self-use (Owner-Occupants): office Various types of office and institutional spaces at the WTC Noida complex are under construction and offer a variety of modern workspaces.

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